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Game Scenery

Even though a majority of these pictures seem unrelated to baseball, they were taken during some of the games. Hope you enjoy them...

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Sunset A picture of the field during a night game at Spurgeon...BTW the batter is Kyle Whitaker Probably my favorite picture of the series...The sun reflecting on a puddle of water (shortly after rain) behind the dugout at Spurgeon Field
Birds flying over the field during the game Clouds that look a lot like cotton Staring into left field at Spurgeon
Clouds above the dugout Closer picture of the geese Sky surrounding the field lights
Rainfall Sunset 2 Another one of my favorites...lush grass near third base
Lights at Spurgeon This fox is a regular at our games Rainfall outside of the dugout
Sunlight hits a tree behind the Spurgeon dugouts Another picture of the trees and mountains behind 1st base dugout Mountain behind St. Mary's
Lights and Moon at Spurgeon

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